Learn all about the miscellaneous products we stock.


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Bird Feed

We stock everything you need to look after domestic or wild birds at your home. This includes pigeon corn ,seeds and wormers.  more  

Dog and Cat Feed

We supply a comprehensive range of dry, raw and tinned feed, as well as a wide variety of treats for dogs and cats.  more  

Small Animals Feed

we supply all you need for looking after rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, rats, ferrets and tortoises.  more  


We supply all the gravel, food, ornaments, plants and treatments you need to create a happy environment for your fish.  more  

Angling and Sport

We stock a broad range of angling and sport equipment, helping you get the most out of outdoor sports, including maggots ,worm and baits.  more  


We supply everything you could possibly require when it comes to heating your home.  more  

Car Care

We stock an extensive selection of care car equipment, from brake fluid to more specialist tools like tow ropes and bulbs.  more  


We supply an extensive range of important household utility products to keep homes in good order.  more  


We stock a diverse inventory of gardening equipment to help our customers create the garden of their dreams.  more  


We sell the equipment needed for home improvement projects, from fasteners to building materials to power tools.  more